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As well as our Candle Makers Club (see details below) we offer a full range of candle making supplies. Click to our links on the left to see candle making instructions.

We supply a huge range of candle moulds. Our waxes include paraffin wax, vybar, beeswax, micro soft and micro hard as well as a great range of candle perfumes, and candle making accessories including candle varnish, mould release, mould maker.

Are you interested in joining our club? We have two levels of membership?

FREE membership. E mail us for candle making advice twice a year free of charge.

Please note we cannot give candle making information over
the phone

PAID membership. For an annual fee of �25.00 you will be able to  mail candle making problems to us
You will also be entitled to an automatic
DISCOUNT of 10% on all our candle making supplies.   In addition we will give free advice on marketing your candles and give you preferential treatment in considering the inclusion the candles you make in our web site.

If you have not tried candle making before, we would suggest that you start with our BEGINNERS KIT (go to our shopping
pages to order it on line) which contains:-
Two moulds, two kilos of wax & stearin mix, 3 dye discs, mould seal a wicking needle and full instruction leaflet.

                           contents candle making kit

Since the early 1960s it has been recognised that candle making is an inspirational and inspirational craft.   The basic techniques are easy to master, you need no special skills, and learning the basics is no more difficult that learning how to make an omelet!    Once you have mastered the first principles it is great fun to explore more sophisticated ideas.  

Wax is the most beautiful material to work with. You can dye it, mould it, shape it and scent it.    We supply additives to soften it (micro cyrystalline soft) or harden it (micro cyrystalline hard).  When softened it is malleable - few people can resist playing with the texture of molten wax - and permanent when it has been dyed, moulded and hardened.

When you make candles you can also control the way they burn.  They can burn down the inside (which makes them refillable), burn evenly  or foliate  (when the wax folds in two as it burns down).

Candles make wonderful gifts - and its great fun to make your own.   You can make candles inscribed with friend's names, birthday date, age, or astrology sign.   It is easy to transform a basic candle for a special occasion such as Christmas or Valentines. Make your own wedding favours - please see our
wedding candle making project on the left.

There are several ways in which you can brighten up candles you have bought ready made - look under our 'bulk discount' section in our shopping pages if you want to buy candles cheaply to do this.  

Once you become proficient in this exciting craft you can make extra money by selling your candles - most candle factories started with small beginnings!

It is not necessary to spend a great deal of money on basic supplies.   You can re-cycle wax from you candle ends and many everyday objects make great candle moulds.   We supply a full range of moulds - but try bun tins for floating candles, pouring wax into flower pots to make garden candles;   many discarded food containers also make great candle candle moulds.

The Candle Making Club is run by Sue Spear, founder of  The Candle Shop (London) Ltd, FORMERLY situated in the Piazza of London's Covent Garden. Please contact our shop on the New Kings Road (020 7736 0740) for stock availabilty. Alternatively order online.  She has been making candles for over 30 years and has written a book - 'Candle Making in a Weekend' & features several well illustrated step by step candle making projects - sadly it is now out of print!

Candle Making Care & Safety
for these & other candle making supplies enter our shopping site.

Candle Making Kits & Books
Wax Additives
Wicks & Dyes
Scents & Sundries
Applique Sheets Varnish & Paint
Metal Moulds

Plastic Moulds
Floating Candle Moulds
Rubber Moulds Animals
Rubber Moulds - Flowers & Fruit
Rubber Moulds - Decorated Pillars
Rubber Moulds - Other
Glass Moulds
Foil Implants for Gel Candles
T Light Cups

Sue Spear's book which covers almost every known candle making technique.
Sadly now out of print!

candle making beeswax sheets
Beeswax sheeting & natural beeswax

candle making gel wax
Gel wax! Make beautiful candles easily


cold wax candlemaking kit
Child's play! have fun with our cold wax kits - ideal for


candlemaking perfume

A full range of candle making perfumes for making scented candles.

If you own a business you may wish to buy your candle cores wholesale. Please go to either of our wholesale sites for great prices on candles
for larger quantities or
for small quantities.

Candles on the Web Ltd, 15 Cumberland Business Park, Cumberland Avenue, London NW10 7RT.  
Tel 020 7736 0740 
We regret that we cannot answer candle making queries on the phone - but you can e mail us

We regret that we cannot answer candle making queries on the phone.
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