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You can fill virtually any container with wax. If you are filling glass please make sure that the wick does
not go down to the bottom of the candle (so that the flame will not touch the glass) and that the wick is properly centered so the flame will not touch the glass edge. You will have to experiment with wick sizes, but generally speaking you use a smaller diameter wick (our wicks with sustainers are suitable for both mult wicked projects and candles in glasses etc).
You will also have to experiment with temperature.
In most situations, wax is poured at 71º to 82º C (160º to 180ºinto glass jars. To ensure the jar can withstand the heat, first place the jar in a sink and fill with hot tap water. If the jar survives, then try filling the jar with near boiling water. If the jar does not break then chances are it should be safe for pouring hot wax into it. However, you must still proceed with caution whenever pouring hot wax into any jar or mould.

2) We suggest if you are going to use a glass container that you heat your glass to about 150F degrees before you pour your wax into it. This keeps the glass from cracking and will also help reduce the formation of white lines on the candle on e it has set. To heat your containers to 150 degrees place them on a baking tray and set inside the oven on no higher than 150F. This picture shows lines formed as the glass was too cold.

Step one:- Prepare your container. When pouring into glass it is a good idea to heat it first. Put it in an oven at about 150F to warm first. This is not essential - especially if you kitchen is really warm or in the height of summer BUT if you pour wax into a very cold glass it may break and you will also be left with cooling ridges which will show through the glass.

Step One:- Choosing your wick size You should aim for a melted pool of wax across the whole diameter of the container. There is no fixed rule about this - basically you will have to experiment. Larger containers often burn best with more than one wick.

Step two:- Wicking There are many methods of wicking container candles - here are just a few of them:-

a. Pour a little wax in first and then put your wicks into the semi hardened wax. This will seal them to the base of the container and you will then have to secure them to to top using a cocktail or other stick.

b. You can drill the wax and then insert a primed wick. If using this method be sure that your drill piece is the right depth so that the wick when pushed into the hole the drill leaves does not touch the bottom of the container.

c. You can push a straw down into the almost set wax, attach some wax glue to the bottom of a piece of primed wick
push it down through the straw. Then remove the straw.

The method you choose will depend abit on whether you are using wicks with sustainers or primed wick and the depth of the candle you are making.

Which ever method you choose make sure that the wick is straight down the candle. Remember that as the wax cools so the wick may well bend. If that happens it will not burn properly. So if you are not inserting the wick after the wax is set make sure it is secured well at both the bottom and the top so that is remains taught and straight.

Pouring candlemakingwicking candlemakingtopping up candle making Showing the wickingt method of putting in a primed wick.

Step two:- Pouring the Candle Pour the candle in the usual way - do not make the mistake of not making holes in the
surface skin as you top up! Always top up with care - see our basic candle making instructions link above.

Here are some examples of poured container candles:-

candlemaking container candlebowl candlemakingshell candlemaking


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