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Make sure you have read both out safety instructions safety instructions and basic candle making instructions before you do any of these projects.

Removing the Candle.

Wait until the candle is completely set and cold. You are now ready to remove the candle from the sand. Gently take it by its wick and life it out from the sand bed.

sand candle making project wicking

Now all you have to do is gently remove all the loose surplus wax from around the candle. You may find the blunt side of a knife a good implement to use to do this. Shaping a sand candle required practice and the success of your finished candle will depend a little on how evenly you poured the original wax in.

Trim off the rough edges from the top of the candle.

candle making finished sand candle


If you like there are two more steps which you can do - but neither of them are essential.

Firstly you can dip the candle into a pot of hot clear wax to seal the sand. Be careful not to dip it over the sand or you will mess up the surface of the candle. Use wax heated 93c, any colder and you will add a layer of wax to the candle instead of letting the surplus sand soak up the wax.

Before you give the candle its final dip you can experiment with carving a pattern in the sand so that when the candle burns it will go through the places you have removed the sand.

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