Twisted Candle Candle Making Project
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Make sure you have read both out saftey instructions safety instructions and basic candle making instructions before you do any of these projects.

This is a variation of a simple handipped candle (please see project above). Trying making it in brilliant white for weddings!

Step one:- Make your basic hand-dipped candle.

Drape the wick over your fingers a shown below. Prepare a dipping can with wax heated to 170F (76c) Dip the wick into the wax to within 3 cm of your hand. You will have to keep the wicks from brushing against each other or they will stick together. You should practice doing this as smoothly as you can - the smoother the hand action the fewer the lumps! Then dip the wicks into your container of cold water.

hand dipped candle project

Repeat dipping the wicks into the wax and then into the water. You will find the candle becomes thicker and thicker.
It is not essential to dip the wax into water in between dips - especially if you are dipping in very cold conditions, but it
speeds up the setting of each layer.
Always dip to the top of the candle - it will naturally form a rounded top.

handdipped candle making

When the candle  has reached a thickness you like (remember if you want to make a thick candle use a thicker wick!) you can dip the candle into a dipping can of strongly coloured wax of your choice to finish it off. You can add micro hardener to this last coloured layer to make the candle drip resistant.of the candle should now look like!

handdipped candlemaking


You can also use an ordinary ready made dinner candle for this project. If you do so you should soak a dinner candle in a heated dipping can of hot wax (180F (80c) for about 3 minutes. Or cut the candles apart that you have dipped
as above and then proceed whilst it is still warm

making twisted candle.

Lay your warm candle on a cutting board and place a ruler along its length.

twist candle candlemaking

Press the ruler on the candle leaving about 2cm at the base of the candle. Continue to press until it is about half a centimeter thick.

candle making twisted candle

Hold the flattened candle by its tip and base and gently twist it.

candlemaking twisted candle

Continue to twist until it has been turned a full circle been turned a full circle

twist candle candle making

Place your finished candle into a container of cold water to finish it off

tweisted candle candlemaking


Continue to twist until it has been turned a full circle been turned a full circle

making twisted candle

Now your finished candle is ready to light!

twisting candle making


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