Using Up Old Candle Ends
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Make sure you have read both out safety instructions safety instructions and basic candle making instructions before you do any of our candle making projects and tutorials.

Candlemaking is a wonderful hobby and need not be expensive. In fact you can save £ss by using up old candle ends - why throw out good wax!

If you have alot of candle ends put them in a large double boiler or bowl over water and melt them. Leave the wax to cool until it has form a skin over the top. If you now ladle out the wax will find that the dirty wax and old pieces of wick are left in the bottom and can be thrown. If you are making indoor candles it may be a good idea to sieve the wax before you use it to make sure that there are no odd bit of wick remaining, before you pour your new candles.

Having prepared your re-cycled wax you can now dye and scent it in the usual way.

The following garden candle projects are especially useful for using up old wax as the wax really does not have to be very clean to make them.

Garden Flower Pot Candles

Garden Flares

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