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Make sure you have read both out saftey instructions safety instructions and basic candle making instructions before you do any of these projects.

Another way in which to enhance ready made candles. Although very intricate this project is not difficult and is a wonderful way of personalizing candles for wedding/birthdays etc.

You will need -3 small baking trays. 175gm of pale pink paraffin wax mixed with 38gms of microcrystalline soft wax.The same quantities of a pale green wax and of clear undyed wax - both mixed with 38gms of microcrystalline soft. Just 25gms of pale yellow wax. The cutters used here are from a cake decoration set - as is the cake decoration tool used to shape the petals. And some wax glue which you will find here. Lastly you will need a candle to decorate - the one we used here was 70mm in diameter by 120 high. If you want to make candles for a wedding or event why not go to our
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Prepare the pink wax as above. Melt it to 80c (180f) and then ladle it into a small baking tray which you have previously smeared with washing up liquid prevent the wax sticking, to a depth of 3mm. When the wax is almost set but still warm and the consistency of plasticine take a flower shaped cutter and cut out 20 flower shapes.


Take each flower shape in turn and very carefully bend their petals upwards. The micro soft you have added to the wax makes it pliable!.


Now take the cake pressing tool mentioned above and press into each petal giving it its realistic petal shape. If you do not have a tool try using the top of a tooth brush or any object with a small rounded top.


Now you have to join two pink flowers together so that you end up with 10 flowers in all. Take two flowers and make sure that the petals are alternating. If the wax is still soft you can just gently press them together to join them. If the wax has gone completely hard use some wax glue.

Now prepare you ivory wax for the middle petals and pour it into a baking tray in exactly the same way as you have just done with the pink wax. When the wax has almost set cut out 10 shapes using a small cutter.

Take the ivory petals and gently press them into the center of your pink flowers. Again - if your wax has gone hard use wax glue to stick them together.


Now heat up a tiny quantity of yellow wax . Using the tip of a paintbrush handle or some other stock drop a piece of yellow wax into the center of each flower.


Using exactly the same method prepare 20 small green leaf shapes.


Now you are ready to decorate your candle. together so that you end up with 10 flowers in all. Using wax glue arrange them evenly around the candle. Now take the green leaves and again stick them under each flower using a small amount of glue.


You've done it!









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