Dip & Carved Candle Candle Making Project
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Make sure you have read both out saftey instructions safety instructions and basic candle making instructions before you do any of these projects.

Holding the candle by its wick soak the candle in the can of clear wax for about a minutes to soften the core. The dipping wax adhered btter to a warm than a cold candle and you will need the core a little soft when you carve into it.

Again, holding the candle by its wick dip the candle into the can of chalky white wax and lift out three times. You should dip the candle into the wax with a smooth movement, but quite quickly. You should hav e ADDED a layer of wax to the base candle. If not then your wax is too hot (YOu should keep it between 68 & 71C. (dip and carve wax melts at a lower temperature than ordinary candle wax) so wait until it has cooled a little.

dip and carve candlemaking

When you have finished your three dips into the chalky white wax dip the candle into the water. This is to ensure that the next colour you are putting on will not blend with the chalky white layers you have just done.

Then follow the same routine with firstly
Red wax - 3 dips followed by dipping into the water
Blue wax - 2 dips followed by dipping into the water
yellow wax - 2dips followed by dipping into the water
Blue wax 3 dips followed by dipping into the water.
Chalky white wax 2 dips followed by dipping into the water

This colour sequence is not written in stone!!! Experiment and see if you like the combinations you are using.

Now take you candle and tie it up by its wick to the hook you have prepared and take your sharp knife - you are ready to try now ready to start the exciting part - carving!!

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