Outdoor Citronella Candle making Project

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Citronella is a scent which is known to ward off the mozzies!! If you use a really thick wick the candle will tend
to smoke a little which is ideal for the outdoors
as it means that plenty of the scent will go into the air. A thicker
wick also means a much larger flame so the finished candle will be pretty draught resistant. However, you can
make these candles with ordinary wick of course they will last longer if you do so. You can follow the same
technique for making outdoor candles in foil bun tins - a really cheap alternative.
These garden candles are also
ideal for using up old wax scrapings and candle ends - take out the old wick first - , you can just colour the
final top up layer if you like. No one will notice that the wax is a dirty brown in a summer dusky evening!

For the outdoor pot candle you will need:- a flower pot, a length of sash cord or any cord WITHOUT a nylon core,, about 250gms green (or any other colour) paraffin wax) , 20 drops of citronella perfume.

Melt the wax. Dip the wick or cord into the molten wax and make sure it has soaked up as much as it can. Then straighten
it out and let it cool down.

Place the wick or sash cord into the cent re of the pot.   You can place a small pebble in the hole of the pot first. Then
heat the wax to 76C (170F) pour in a 5mm layer of wax to seal the hole and seal the wick into the center of the pot. Wait until the wax has completely set before going on to the next step.

Pour in the Wax. Gently heat some wax to a temperature of 63c (150f) and add dye and a few drops of perfume if you are making scented candles.   Pour gently into the pot.   Always leave some wax over for the 'top up'.

Top up While the wax cools it contracts and the wax sinks.   Wait until a thick skin has formed on the top of the wax and then pierce it with a pencil or you wicking needle.   Make sure you prod the surface properly or you may be left with holes in the finished candle.   Then pour in some more wax, being very careful that the wax is not too hot (that could crack the candle) or too cold (it will not adhere to the candle) or that you do not fill it over the original level of the candle. You may you may have to top up your candle more than once.

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