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Make sure you have read both out saftey instructions safety instructions and basic candle making instructions before you do any of these projects.

This method is really well suited to making wedding candles. You can use it on much smaller candles -try it with tiney heart inb votive candle moulds or on larger candles at wedding table decorations.

For the fish candle illustrated you will need:- A pyramid plastic mould, a baking tray, dye, wax, wax glue, a shaped pastry cutterstearin and wick

Prepare the Cut out Shapes. Pour a layer of wax about 3mm thick into a baking tray. Wait until it has almost, but not completely set. Then using pastry cutters cut out four fish shapes, and some round bubble shapes.

Set up the mould as described in basic candle making techniques.   Take a fish (or other shape!) cut out and
place a small amount of wax glue on one side. Gently press it onto the outside of the mould. Repeat with the other sides of
the mould until all the cut out pieces you want to have are lightly glued to the side of the mould.

Heat Wax  Gently heat some wax to a temperature of 63c (150f) and add dye and a few drops of perfume if you are making scented candles.   Pour gently into your prepared mould.   Always leave some wax over for the 'top up'. We added not stearin to the wax as you should never use stearin when making candles in rubber or latex moulds. However, for a slightly harder finish you can use vybar.

Top up While the wax cools it contracts and the wax sinks.   Wait until a thick skin has formed on the top of the wax and then pierce it with a pencil or you wicking needle.   Make sure you prod the surface properly or you may be left with holes in the finished candle.   Then pour in some more wax, being very careful that the wax is not too hot (that could crack the candle) or too cold (it will not adhere to the candle) or that you do not fill it over the original level of the candle. You may you may have to top up your candle more than once.

Remove the candle from the mould  


Give the candle a final dip in clear wax. You can wait to do this later if you like. A final dipping often totally transforms
a candle. The wax should be heated to between 85-88C (185-190F). This will give the candle a shine and
also will remove any surplus bits of wax glue.

An example of the same method used to make a candle with a pink heart. Try making tiny ones with a small heart or hearts in a votive mould for wedding favours.

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