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Make sure you have read both out saftey instructions safety instructions and basic candle making instructions before you do any of these projects.

This project shows how you can use household objects as moulds! We do sell a large range of floating candle moulds but for simpler shapes bun tins are fine!! We have used primed wick here, and this method does work for most floating candles but you may want to use container wicks which come with a sustainer. We have used to different coloured waxes just to illustrate how sometimes one can use the topping up stage to add interest to your candle. CLICK here to see our selection of FLOATING CANDLE MOULDS

Heat Wax  Gently heat some wax to a temperature of 80c (180f) and add dye and a couple of drops perfume if you want your floating candles scented. Pour the first colour in and wait until it is still a bit soft in the middle but pretty well set.

Pouring a floating candle

Cut off a length of primed wick  and press into the middle of the candle. If the candle is very small it is very
easy to use this technique as the wick will not flop over. If you are making a candle deeper than about 2cm
then support the wick with a cocktail stick. You may find it easier to put a match stock into the soft wax first,
then push the wick in - this will ensure that the wick is straight.

making floating candle

Top up the candle with a different coloured wax.   Or the same colour if you prefer! Make sure that the wick does not
fall back into the wax.


candle making floating candle

Take the candle out of the mould..

Two examples of our floating candle moulds.

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