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Lantern Candle Project
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Make sure you have read both out saftey instructions safety instructions and basic candle making instructions before you do any of these projects.

 LANTERN CANDLES are just an outside shell into which you then place a T light. They are wonderful as they are everlasting and can be used over and over again so well worth the little bit of extra work that goes into making them!

You will need:-

A round or square lantern mould. Wax. Dried flowers/fruit slices or any other objects that you think will look good set in the sides of your lantern

1. Melt your wax in the usual way, and add dye. Prepare the objects that you want ot embed in your finished candleso they are immediatlely at hand for step 2.

1. Pour in the wax

Pour into the mould. Wait until a 5 mm layer has formed on the top. Then taking a stick or wicking needle cut around the surface of the candle. Lift off the wax you have just cut out. Pour out the remaining liquid wax back into the container you melted the wax in.
You will now be left with a 5 mm shell of wax

2. Embed the wax with your decorations.

What you do next depends on the type of candle you want. If you want
a candle with embedded dried fruit, flowers or other objects you will
have to work fast. You should have the objects you want to use to
decorate the side ready before you pour the candle. Take the objects and press them them into the wax which has stayed on the sides of your mould. Once they are all in you then pour some more molten wax into your mould and let it set to about 2mm. Then cut around the top as before, remove the half set wax and pour out the still molten wax as before. This stage seals in the objects you implanted. (this last stage is not vital - but it just makes
the candle look neater. If you just intend to paint the outside of your candle or leave it plain you can skip this stage.

3. Very gently remove the candle from the mould.

4. To ensure that the T light does not melt through the bottom of the candle

either line
the base with a sheet of thin wood or pour a little plaster into the base.

Finally enjoy your finished candle! in a roll of cardboard, cup or jug or anything else you can find to do the job. Here we use a glass.

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