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 Make sure you have read both out saftey instructions safety instructions and basic candle making instructions before you do any of these projects.

You will need:- Wax, lemon scent, 1" wick, a wicking needle and a rubber lemon mould, mould release.

Prepare Mould. Thread the wick through the hole at the top of the mould using a wicking needle. You do not need to use mould seal as the rubber will close around the wick.   

Support Mould in a roll of cardboard, cup or jug or anything else you can find to do the job. Here we use a glass.

Put Mould Release on inside of the mould.   This only has to be done every five pourings or so. Just dip your finger into
the release oil and smear it on the inside of the mould.

Heat Wax  Gently heat the wax to a temperature of 80c and add dye and a few drops of perfume if you are making scented candles.   Pour gently into your prepared mould.   Always leave some wax over for the 'top up'. We added not stearin to the wax as you should never use stearin when making candles in rubber or latex moulds. However, for a slightly harder finish you can use vybar.

Top up While the wax cools it contracts and the wax sinks.   Wait until a thick skin has formed on the top of the wax and then pierce it with a pencil or you wicking needle.   Make sure you prod the surface properly or you may be left with holes in the finished candle.   Then pour in some more wax, being very careful that the wax is not too hot (that could crack the candle) or too cold (it will not adhere to the candle) or that you do not fill it over the original level of the candle. You may you may have to top up your candle more than once.

Remove the candle from the mould   Smear the outside of the mould with a small amount of washing up liquid or liquid soap. Then gently pull the mould back on itself.
Trim the wick. If the candle does not stand up straight You may need to flatten its base slighly which you can either do with a knife or by putting the candle on a preheated flat oven tray and melt it so it is even.

Polish your finished candle.   Gently buff your finished candle with a soft cloth.

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