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Candle Making Projects:-

Please go to the links below to see step by step instructions on a range of candle making
Make sure you have read both out saftey instructions safety instructions and basic candle making instructions before you do any of these projects.

1. A scented lemon candle in the shape of the fruit made in a rubber mould. This project will teach you how
to use rubber moulds.
candlemaking fruit candle
A lantern candle embedded with fruit and flowers How to make re-useable lantern candles using our
lantern moulds.
A candle embedded with wax shapes. Using cake and pastry cutters to embed shaped into the sides of candles candlemaking heart candle
Outdoor Citronella Pot Candle. Insect repelling candle made in a flower pot candlemaking citronella pot candle
Make a sundae candle Learn how to use whipped wax - you can also make ice cream candles with the same technique
Make a other candles with whipped wax. Learn how to use whipped wax to make snowball and ice cream candles. candlemaking snowball candle
Outdoor Garden Flare Candle. Use up all your old wax to make these lovely garden flares
Making Floating Candles Its really easy to make your own just using up candle ends and cake
tins as moulds.
candle making floating candle
Icicle Candle Making Project. Plunge wax into water and marvel and the results! ice candle making project
How to make container candles. Advice about how to pour wax into glass and choosing the right wick size, and describing different methods of wicking.
Wicking container candles
Three wick silver bowl. learn how to fill a large container and wick it with more than one wick.
How to roll beeswax sheeting candles a simple project which describes how to roll beeswax sheeting around a wick to make a candle candlemaking rolled beeswax
Dip and Carve candlemaking project. Not easy -great fun to do and becomes easier with practice
Making a marbled candle Produce a wonderful effect with this technique
How to make a basic hand dipped candle. Great fun - try it with pure beeswax! handipped candle making
Twist a candle and make it special!! A variation on the basic hand-dipped candlemaking project. twisting candle making
Cold Ball Candle with Ivory Casing Learn how you can make beautiful candles when the wax is made pliable using microcrystalline soft.
Wax Flower Applique Candle Another beatiful candle making tutorial using microcrystalline soft. candle making project flower
Fun Mushroon Candle Made with cold wax using our cold candle making kit. A perfect project for children cold candle kit candlemaking
Filigree Candle Made with Ice Cubes Quick and effective - another perfect project for wedding candles! finished candle ice candlemaking project
Working with wax and stearin mix to create perfect container candles. Also known as 'candle sand' candle sand candle glass
Making chip candles another great way to use up odd pieces of coloured wax. chip candle candlemaking project
Making sand candles Make candles surrounded by a casing of hard sand

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